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I get it! Creating an entire curriculum of thematic units from scratch is overwhelming. It's a lot of work. You need something inexpensive and easy to use. And you need it today.


You want to spend your time teaching, not sitting behind a computer creating resources, or searching for engaging activities. I get it. I spent years putting these themed units and resources together for my own preschool class. It was a lot of work, but I love how the lessons and printable resources turned out!


I just can't keep them to myself! I want to share all of these resources and curriculum with you and your preschoolers! 



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Want to try it before you buy it? Check out our ALWAYS FREE A is for Apples Themed Unit! It will give you a good idea of what you will get with all of our themed units. 

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36 Themed UnitS: 

Let us do the planning for you!!! carries 36 fun themed preschool units for preschoolers ages 3-5. Each themed unit includes five days of lesson plan ideas, a printable easy reader book, word wall cards, a journal, and a bunch of other printable resources to keep you busy all week! We carry a separate themed unit for each of the letters of the alphabet as well as a bunch of other fun themes to keep your kid(s) learning all year long. (Click on each themes thumbnail for more information about what is included in each themed unit.)


These themed units work great in the home schooling setting as well as the classroom setting with minimal tweaking. All themed units come with full color activities as well as black and white versions if that fits your needs better. There is a lot of flexibility on when and how you teach each of the lessons during the week. 

Check out the Scope and Sequence to see how they all fit together through the year (updated near the end of each summer). 

Try it all for free before you buy it by downloading the free A is for Apples Themed Unit! Once you fall in love with the themed units you can get them at a discounted rate by buying them in the themed bundles (Bundle 1, Bundle 2, and Bundle 3). Each themed unit can also be purchased individually if you prefer. 

Optional Add-Ons:

If you teach in a Christian school setting, we also carry an Bible Add-On for each of our 36 themed units! These little add-ons add an extra story and several coordinating Bible activities to do throughout the week (Bible Add-On Bundles are also available for additional savings).

Some other additional add-on materials are also available for a lot of the themed units. These are mostly items that have been requested by users as add-ons after the themed unit was released. These additional add-ons are sold separately and can be viewed by scrolling down to the bottom section of each Themed Unit's page. 

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Virtual Preschool Classrooms:

Each virtual classroom features additional activities, video content, snack ideas, and more to support learning during each edlah themed units. These activities are in addition to what is included in the Themed Curriculum lesson plans. 

Visit the Virtual Classroom page and play in this week's

themed interactive classroom. Click objects around the

room to discover additional fun internet-based activities

and resources. 

Here's a peek at this week's Virtual Classroom.

Click the image to jump to the Virtual Classroom and

start exploring!

Virtual rooms change weekly during the school year!

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