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Preschool: Through EveryDay Experiences



I get it! Creating an entire curriculum of thematic units from scratch is a lot of work. You need something inexpensive and easy to use. And you need it today.


You want to spend your time teaching, not sitting behind a computer creating resources and looking for engaging activities. I get it because I've spent years putting these lessons and resources together for my own preschool class. 


It was a lot of work, but I love how the lessons and resources turned out. I just can't keep them to myself! I want to share all of these resources and curriculum with you and your preschoolers! 



Check out the themed units here: 

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This Week's Focus:
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J is for Jellybean Themed Unit:

I LOVE teaching about Easter! I enjoy the silly traditions like Easter bunnies and jellybeans, but I also absolutely love teaching about the resurrection. This themed unit has a good dose of both. There will be more than enough to do no matter which traditions you choose to teach.  

The letter Jj is our letter of the week. We also will be learning about color purple, the number 30, the shape oval/ellipse, and the positional concept of left/right. This week's early emergent reader focuses on the sight words this, is, was, & to.

Everything pictured to the left is included in the Themed Unit, along with soooo much more that's included but not pictured! There is plenty to keep you and your preschooler busy all week! Click an image to see more information about that resource (or to purchase it separately)!

*Everything now comes in Full Color or Black & White. Many pieces of the unit can be purchased individually if you don't need the whole themed unit. There are also a few add on pieces if you are looking for a few more things to do in addition to what is included in the unit (yellow tabs in the top right corner will show you what is already included). 


An optional coordinating Bible Add-On is coming soon. All Bible Add-Ons are sold separately so that only the people that want them pay for them. 

Enjoy this fun week! You're going to have a blast teaching this one!!!

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Want to try it before you buy it? Check out our ALWAYS FREE A is for Apples Themed Unit! It will give you a good idea of what you will get with all of our units. 

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