Bible Add-Ons


Edlah carries a full 36 weeks of preschool curriculum. These Bible Add-ons are intended to be an extension of those lessons, adding a coordinating Bible story and/or Biblical truth to each week. Though the Bible Add-ons are not designed to be used as a stand-alone preschool curriculum, they may work as an early childhood Sunday School/Children's Church lesson in some church settings. Shoot me an email if you have questions. 


Each Bible Add-On includes a Bible story or topic, a craft (sometimes several), a snack idea, a center idea, a memory verse, printable resources and/or activities, and more. I recommend that you teach the lesson on Monday and then space out the other activities as you have time during the week. 

Bible Add-Ons are new. We are just starting to add them to our store. Check back often to see what new things we have added. All 36 weeks of the Edlah Preschool Curriculum will eventually have a coordinating Bible Add-On.

Bible Versions:

We use a variety of different versions of the Bible. If you have a preference it should be easy for you to adapt the lesson using your preferred version. The stories and Biblical truths are the same across all versions. Bible memory posters and word tracing sheets are made in both KJV and one other version. The second version may vary. The second version was specifically chosen because it is an easier version for a preschooler to understand and/or memorize.

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