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Our classroom tends to turn in to quite the jungle during our R is for Rainforest themed unit! 

At the beginning of our Rainforest week, I hang crepe paper all over the ceiling of my room. As the week goes on we make more and more Rainforest animal crafts which we then...

Imaginary cookie making was a huge hit!!! 

I just mixed a little bit of dry cinnamon into the playdoh to make this amazing smelling playdoh! 

I put the playdoh, cookie cutters, and these cookie stamps into the home living center along with a cookie sheet and magic happen...

Indoor snowball fights are a blast!!!! 

If you need to wear your kids out... I mean... If you need to get your kids moving for exercise, this indoor snowball fight is a great way to do it!

This started out as an activity idea for a day of this theme, but ended up becomin...

Bahaha!!! Sometimes you have this adorable idea! You know it is going to be a huge hit and you can take a million pictures for your blog. You have high hopes. And then this happens! 

The snowman playdoh center turned out hilarious! This is not at all what I thought woul...

This is our Thanksgiving inspired sensory tub! It's a simple, yet fun way for kids to experience dry corn in a way they probably never have before. 

You can get this corn feed and corn husks from your local farm supply store. We have a lot of these stores in Kansas, do...

Sometimes you can take an activity that you already do and supplies that you already have on hand and adapt them to fit your theme really easily instead of reinventing the wheel! 

This activity is one of those times that I took a preexisting activity that someone else h...

This idea is so simple that you won't believe how much your kids will enjoy it! 

Kids love water.

Kids love cars.

Kids love bubbles. 

Knowing these 3 things, it's no surprise that kids LOVE having a little car wash sensory tub to play in! 

Fill a small tub with warm bubbly...

Seasonal sensory tubs can be extremely simple and still be effective! 

Check out this simple fall themed sensory tub! 

Isn't it beautiful!?!?!?!

It doesn't get much more simple than this! Go for a walk with your class. Take a few bags to collect fun pieces of nature that...

Fun and interactive crafts and activities don't have to be super elaborate! Some of the most successful ideas are sometimes the most simple! 

One of my favorites is this super simple sand castle art project! 

For this activity, I wanted to have the kids make a sandcastle...

These kiddos making life-sized self-portraits is so stinkin' cute!

I love seeing how they see themselves. They have such great self-esteem at this age!

We start at the beginning of the week with a huge outline of each kid. They work on it off and on during their center t...

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