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Imaginary cookie making was a huge hit!!! 

I just mixed a little bit of dry cinnamon into the playdoh to make this amazing smelling playdoh! 

I put the playdoh, cookie cutters, and these cookie stamps into the home living center along with a cookie sheet and magic happen...


Snowball fights are a blast, but super cold. 


On Christmas Eve this year my wonderful sister-in-law created a ton of fun yarn 'snowballs'. We had a blast pelting each other with these little soft snowballs! 


I thought, why not bring these to school? Today we had a snow...


It is easy to loose sight of the meaning of Christmas, during the Christmas season. 


It's sad, but we tend to get carried away with all of the parties, reunions, traveling, buying and baking that we forget Christmas is Jesus' birthday. 


This year during your Christmas...


As a part of our Elf on the Shelf Play-Date day... We made Reindeer Food. 


Those silly little elves brought everything we would need to make the reindeer food, recipe cards and even adorable little labels to stick to our Reindeer Food bags. 


Reindeer Food is special fo...


Ballons are a staple at any birthday party! 

Today we had a birthday party for Jesus. We have talked a lot in the past few months about how Christmas is Jesus' birthday party. We thgouth it was only appropriate that we give Jesus a gift. 

We got a balloon for each kid in...


This morning when my students woke up they all found a special note from Santa saying they could bring their elf to school today for a play date! 


We had a blast playing games and making things with our elves. 


Would your preschoolers enjoy bringing their elves to scho...


Do you get to teach your students the Christmas Story? 


I do. I think it is one of my favorite things about switching from public schools to a private Christian Preschool. 


There are so many wonderful Nativity books out there. Which on is your favorite? This one was cu...

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