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Kids naturally love ants. I don’t know what it is about ants they love so much, but they do.


Take advantage of this love for ants and do a science experiment. Don't worry, the ants don't mind.


You will need:

2 paper plates



Food coloring (optional)


Have your pres...


It will only take you a moment or two to put this fun insect sensory tub together! 


What you will need:

Easter Grass (several bags)

Small Plastic Bugs


Fill your sensory tub with Easter grass and plastic bugs.


That’s all.


Trust me, they will have a blast! For a little ext...


I have the most amazing parents in my class!


They are so creative with the fun snacks they bring in!


Since we are studying E is for Earth Day this week one of our moms brought in these adorable Lorax oranges. Aren't they adorable? 


The kids loved them! They laughed and...


What is a transparent egg you ask?


Exactly what it sounds like. It's an egg you can see though. To a preschooler that is magic!  


Your preschoolers are going to be amazed that you can make an egg see through! You are going to be amazed at how easy it is! 


You will...


If you are anything like me you have probably made more kinds of slime and goo than you can count.


If you need something new to make try this flubber out.


This is a fun one to make with your students.


You will need:

3.5 cups of water

2 cups of school glue

5 Tbs of Borax



It’s Children’s Dental Health Month!


Did you forget? That’s okay. It’s not to late.


You need a quick and easy idea that the kids will love... and I have just the thing!


You will need:

-several empty plastic pop bottles (I used 2 litter, but small works just as well)



Sensory doesn't have to be difficult. 


Many people are afraid of doing a sensory tub. They worry that they will not be able to come up with enough ideas for the year. They worry it will cost to much. They worry the kids will not like what they put in it. Sometimes they...

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