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It’s raining. Actually it’s storming like crazy! 


What do my kids want to do? My kids want to go camping… 


Obviously we didn’t go camping. They were happy with what we came up with!


Of course, everyone loves s’mores. I would venture to say that s’mores are probably the...


I have the most amazing parents in my class!


They are so creative with the fun snacks they bring in!


Since we are studying E is for Earth Day this week one of our moms brought in these adorable Lorax oranges. Aren't they adorable? 


The kids loved them! They laughed and...


We’ve all been there. You know your kids need to eat healthy, but all they want are chicken nuggets and grilled cheese. I feel your pain!


I have learned a few tricks recently. They aren’t fool proof, but they have a pretty good track record.


Let Your Kids Help Cook



Another adorable and creative snack from one of my moms! 


This week we are learning all about Kansas' history and what it was like in the old west. How adorable is this cowboy hat snack? 


It is a marshmallow, Pringles chip, chocolate and a star sprinkle. 


I love w...


I have the best parents in my class! They are always coming up with the most creative ideas for snack! 


My kids just love to try to match their snack to the theme that week. The past few weeks they have been more creative than ever. 


I loved this adorible snack during...

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