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Calendar Pieces

I personally don't like most of the calendar sets in the stores. They never are fun enough, they don't have all of the holidays I need, and I love having a fun pattern for the kids to try to figure out each month! Having a pattern for them to figure out helps calendar time to be so much more engaging! 


Sooooo I made my own calendar pieces. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Included (as pictured): 

  • Directions for use

  • Penguin Themed Cards

  • 31 Numbered Calendar Pieces (all sets come with 31 pieces so they can be used any month)

  • ABCD Patterned Background Colors (the bottom color gives a hint about the top color on the next card)

  • ABCD Patterned Penguin Images on each card.

  • All calendar pieces measure 3"x3" to fit a standard classroom calendar.

  • New Years Day Card (in each pattern color so it will work for every year)

  • Martin Luther King Jr Day Card (in each pattern color so it will work for every year)

  • Blank Cards (in each pattern piece for you to handwrite your unique events)

  • Birthday Cards (in each color of the pattern)


  • Print the cards on white card stock

  • Laminate the cards 

  • If any of your kids have a birthday this month, write their names on the birthday cards in a wet-erase marker. 

  • Put all of the numbers into a calendar pocket chart backward. 

  • Put the holiday and birthday cards facing out so the kids can see them. 

Daily Use:

  • Start at 1 and count up pointing at each number as you count. 

  • Have your kids tell you which number comes next. 

  • Have you kids look at the pattern of background colors and pictures to guess what the next card in the pattern will look like. (They will just be guessing the first few days until they can see the pattern.)

  • Once the kids have figured out what the number and the pattern are, flip the card and see if they are correct. 

  • If a holiday or a birthday is coming up the kids will probably want to count how many more days are left until that special day. 


Some patterns are harder than others. The calendar sets for the fall are the easiest and get harder as the year goes on. 


This is a secured PDF document meaning that you will not be able to change the content. This is designed to be a print-only document. 


I carry a full 12 month set of these calendar sets.

Click the image below for more information about the product and to view the listing in my TpT store.

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