I love taking pictures of my kids! I love looking back on the silly little things they say! I love the idea of scrapbooking these memories, but let's be honest... I don't have the time or money to invest in scrapbooking! 


When my kids were little I started using an app called Little Hoots to record all of the funny things they said. There were some really really funny things I didn't want to forget! I would upload the images to a Facebook album for everyone to enjoy. I was proud of myself for at least trying to document their little lives. 


Then I found Chatbooks! 


Chatbooks are AMAZING! Basically, you can link them to the photo album on your phone or to a social media photo album to document your life in pictures. It's basically like printing your Instagram feed. They print the super cute 8"x8" photo books. They have one image per page and a caption if you choose. I choose the 60-page books for $10. 


I liked my chapbook accounts in 3 different places to receive books in 3 different series. I linked to both of the Facebook albums I had set up for the kid's silly quotes as well as my phone photo album (don't worry, you get to choose what prints). 

Every 60 silly things that my kids say Chatbooks will auto-print a little book and ship it to me. I love coming home and finding that cute little package sitting in my mailbox! 

I also linked my photo album on my phone so that every 60 images that I mark as a favorite will get shipped as well. I named that series "The story of us" and it starts back when my husband and I met. 


It's only $10 per book, but I have them ship one book a month so I don't go completely broke printing all of the cuteness! 

Then I display them on a little shelf in my living room where anyone can look at them. My kids LOVE showing people all of their silly little quotes from when they were little. 

Chatbooks has a special offer going right now where you can get $10 in Chatbook credit just for signing up. I don't know how long this offer will last, but $10 is the cost of one of the 60-page books, so that's a pretty fabulous deal! Click the button below to get your $10 credit! 



Check It Out! 

Scroll through and see a few of the funny things my kids have said...

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