VIrtual Preschool:

This page works best on a computer or tablet. Small phone screens tend to not work well. 


This virtual preschool classroom is a fun way to explore edlah themed units. While it will make the most sense to those that are using the edlah curriculum, it is available to everyone. Click on items in the picture for bonus resources that go with each theme! Themed classrooms will change each week and follow the edlah preschool scope and sequence. 

This week's theme coordinates with our "J is for Jellybean (Easter)" themed unit. Click the button below to see all of the coordinating lessons, printables, and other resources. 

This virtual classroom has two options. Use the button in the upper right corner to navigate back and forth between the Easter bunny room and the Christian Easter room. Some activities will be the same (such as the skills for the week) and some will be different. Choose the room that works best for you or use both if you would like. 

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