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If you are anything like me you love planners and lesson plan books, but they just aren't ever quite right. So in 2015, I decided I had wasted enough time trying to find the right planner. I decided to design my own. I ended up getting so much positive feedback on it that I wanted to make it available to all of you as well. 


Build Your Own Custom Planner

The Weekly Planner


I'm a teacher and a mom. I'm also very active in my church. I wear a lot of hats and I needed a planner that would keep all of those things straight for me.


As a result, I designed a set of weekly planner sheets that can keep track of up to 4 schedules in one place. For me, this keeps track of all of the members of my family, but it could also be used to keep track of different team members, different classes or different jobs. I left it basic enough so that it can be adapted for your own personal needs. New calendar pages are added each year!  



Build Your Own Custom Planner Weekly planner sheets
Build Your Own Custom Planner
Build Your Own Custom Planner

The Monthly Planner


I personally don't like to carry around a full year worth of weekly planner sheets. My fix was to create monthly calendars that I could write big upcoming events on. This gave me the flexibility to only carry a month or two of weekly planners at a time. If something came up that was farther out then that I can simply write it on my monthly planner. 


Build Your Own Custom Planner Month at a Glance
Build Your Own Custom Planner

The Lesson Planner


Being a teacher I still needed a place to record lessons. I write them out on sticky notes and stick them into the correct space on my lesson plans. This particular lesson plan format works well for homeschooling parents as well. Soon I will have a more detailed lesson plan sheet available for those of you that teacher in higher grades. I'm working on the design now. If you have input on what you would like the formatting to be, feel free to email me at I would love to hear your suggestions. 


For my lesson plans, I use 2-inch sticky notes. This lets me move them around when I change my mind or if I don't get to something and need to move it to the next day. 

Build Your Own Custom Planner  Lesson Plans
Lesson Plans
Build Your Own Custom Planner  Lesson Plans

The Cover Options


I like to have different options. Choose between 6 different colored cover options for your planner. Get your free update each fall for the new school year. 

Build Your Own Custom Planner Covers
Build Your Own Custom Planner  Covers

Other Fun Add-Ons


I regularly add new add-on options. Here are a few I have so far with more planned in the near future! 

Week at a Glance

Build Your Own Custom Planner

Expense Logs

Build Your Own Custom Planner Expense Log

The Binding System


There are a ton of different ways you can bind these planners! You could use a 3-ring binder or you could print them out and bind them with a binding machine at your school. Neither of these was a bad idea, but 3 ring binders can be clumsy and aren't very cute... and binding it would be great except that I like to rearrange my planner because I tend to be indecisive and like I mentioned earlier I like to only carry a few months at a time. 


My solution:

This fabulous arc binding system I found on Amazon! It uses these snazzy little disks (which can be switched out for different colors and a fabulous little hole punch to make any paper compatible. If you know me at all you know I am a little obsessed with purple (the purple tips in my hair might have given that away) so imagine my excitement when I found this fabulous purple leather cover! I'm in love! 


I absolutely love that this system lets me take my pages in and out like a 3-ring binder but looks classy. If you don't want to invest in the leather cover you can just print off the covers that come with each of my planner sets and laminate them. The rings are sold individually and a laminated cover is just as functional. Check out the different arc binding system pieces below:

Build Your Own Custom Planner
Build Your Own Custom Planner
Build Your Own Custom Planner

Buy the Arc System:

Click the links below to buy the Arc Binding System from my Amazon Store. Beware when purchasing that my planner pages are letter size. Arc carries several different sized binders. Be sure to purchase one that is letter sized (8.5x11). Arc rings and the arc punch will work with any size notebook.  

Build Your Own Custom Planner

Arc Rings


Arc Hole Punch


Build Your Own Custom Planner

Arc Covers


Build Your Own Custom Planner

Arc Page Dividers


Build Your Own Custom Planner
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