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Custom Requests

I LOVE taking custom requests! Some of my best selling and favorite resources were made as special requests. I have a blast making things just for you. I create mostly preschool curriculum and resources, but will occasionally create things for kindergarten, 1st grade, classroom organization, parent & teacher communication, etc as well. 

Before you make your request:

  • Take a look at my current products for a quick feel of what my products and resources are like. Get a feel for my style. (Click the button above if you are not familiar with my work.)

  • Please understand that I do this in my free time. The turn around for you requests depends on the number of things I'm already working on, how complicated your request is, and if it's even something I even have the ability to make. 

  • I can not make personalized items (your name, school name, your school logos, custom fonts, etc.) Anything I make needs to work for any teacher that wants to buy it. If you have a question about this let me know. 

  • Similarly, I cannot make constant tweaks and updates to current products. While I do love offering amazing resources, tweaking every product to fit everyone's whims is not a good use of my limited time. However, if you have an idea to make a product better for everyone then please make your request. I do want my resources to always be the best they can be. Your idea may make it better for us all. Basically, I want my resources to be usable by anyone.

  • I do not have the ability to make custom graphics at this time (hopefully someday soon). Please request printable resources only at this time. Most of the time I will create both full color and a black & white version of anything you request. 

  • Be specific about what you are needing and how you plan to use it. I'll do my best to exceed your expectations. 

  • All Custom Requests will be added to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store when finished. The cost will be determined by the amount of time it takes to make the resource.

  • Obviously, I reserve the right to decline a request for any reason. 

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