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Daily Communication Logs

Communication between teachers and parents is vital! These daily logs will help you to accurately communicate to parents what their child has been doing each day in daycare. Record what they learned, what they ate, etc. 


Includes 67 different themes and 3 different age ranges. Each age range will communicate to parents what is most important while still coordinating with the sheets of kids in other age ranges, rather they are a newborn, toddler or preschooler. 


These sheets can be purchased in 3 different age ranges or they can be purchased at a discount if you buy all of them as a bundle. Learn more about each age range and pack by clicking the images below. 


All sheets are full color but can be printed in grayscale if that fits your needs better.  

Click the image below for more information and to get a purchase/download link.


Please Note: That making a black & white COPY of a colored page will greatly degrade the quality. For more information on how to print in grayscale read this blog post

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