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A few years ago I signed up for Young Living Essential Oils. I had heard a lot about the health benefits of essential oils. I had wanted to try them for years, but I'm not the kind of girl that goes to house parties for things like this. I had done my research. I knew what I wanted. I didn't want to go hang out with a group of people I didn't know to sign up. Luckily I eventually found a friend that was a distributor and understood. I went to her house one afternoon to chat and ended up signing up. I have never looked back! I love my oils!



I always have oils in my purse, my desk, my car. After several years, I've collected hundreds of different oils. Some I like more than others, but don't regret buying any of them. It all started with the starter kit pictured. 



If you are interested in essential oils keep reading. 


Why Young Living? 

I knew I wanted high quality, therapeutic grade oils. I knew there were several great companies that I could choose from. I eventually went with Young Living, but as long as it's a high-quality therapeutic-grade oil the choice is yours. 


There were various reasons I went with Young Living. I loved that they had been making oils for 23+ years. I loved their "Seed to Seal Guarantee". I loved that they had 600+ products. There were so many reasons to choose Young Living. 


How Do I Use Oils? 

One of the first things I tried was the allergy blend of lemon, lavender, and peppermint. I Have awful seasonal allergies! The week I got my starter kit my allergies were so bad that my voice was cracked and almost gone. It was one of the worst allergy attacks I'd had in a while, which is why I tried the allergy blend first. I put a few drops of lemon, lavender, and peppermint in my new diffuser and ran it next to my bed overnight. The next morning I felt a little bit better. I did this again the next night. After the second night, my throat was back to normal and I only had a little redness in my eyes. After the third night, I was good to go. I didn't even have to take my allergy medicine for the rest of the season. There are still times when I take allergy medicine, but most of the time that allergy blend can keep them under control. 


Having a hard time falling asleep? Try lavender. It knocks me out in minutes! It also helps take away the itchiness of bug bites. Here in Kansas, we had these awful things called oak mites. They are microscopic little mites that live in oak trees. When the wind blows they fall on you. They bite! They are the most miserable bug bites I've ever had. After several days of scratching and being miserable, I remembered my lavender oil. No kidding, the itch went right away within seconds. It was amazing. Then I got really tired, because of the lavender! I learned that day to apply my lavender to my bug bites at night! 

Cleaner Line: 

Young Living carries a fabulous line of cleaning products that I'm also in love with! They work so well, smell amazing and they are all-natural. It's their Thieves Cleaner line. If you're looking for some natural cleaners, check those out too! 


Makeup Line:

Recently I've been trying out their makeup line. I've only just started using the makeup so I'll share more about it when I know what I like and don't like. So far I've been really enjoying my Art Face moisturizer and lip gloss. 


My Favorites: 

There are thousands of ways to use oils! Do a little research and see if oils are a good fit for you and your family. I'll continue to share the fabulous things I find! I'll add some product info below on my favorite things! There are so many products to try!



Happy Healthy Living! 




*Disclaimer: This is how I use oils and how they work for me. Everyone is different. Please talk to your doctor before you use oils, especially if you have a health condition. Also, please do your research before using oils around babies and pets. 

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