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Each Themed Unit includes one week's worth of lesson plans packed with activities, games, recipes/snack ideas, book recommendations, art, sensory ideas, printable journal pages, printable word wall cards, a printable early emergent reader, and more! These themed units are scalable for ages 3-5 years and have also been used successfully in special needs classrooms and as Kindergarten enrichment lessons. There is plenty to keep you and your preschooler(s) busy for the whole week. See how the themes fit together in the Theme Scope and Sequence



*Bible Add-Ons are NOT included in these unit bundles. They are sold

separately as an optional add-on piece for those that want them.*

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A is for Apples

A is for Apples is always FREE! All of our lesson plan packs are set up the same way. Download a FREE copy of "A is for Apples" to see what an edlah themed unit looks like.

B is for Bears

This one week set of lesson plans includes a ton of different bear themed projects, games and activities! We cover everything from Brown Bear Brown Bear to Goldilocks. We go on Bear hunts, have bear parades, and more!

C is for Christmas

It's safe to say that Christmas is every preschoolers favorite time of the year! With this themed lesson plan set we use their current excitement about Christmas to fuel a new excitement about preschool learning. This set is jam packed full of amazing art projects, activities, sensory ideas, recipes and more! No worries! This themed unit includes plenty of activities that are both faith based as well as fun with Santa. There is plenty for everyone no matter your beliefs.

D is for Dinosaur

D is for Dinosaurs is a top seller for a reason! Preschoolers love it! Learn all about dinosaurs, make fossils and volcanos as well as many other adorable crafts and games in this week long theme.

E is for Earth Day

E is for Earth Day is a lot of fun! When this week is over, your students will be recycling, conserving electricity and more. They will learn how to make a truly remarkable impact on the planet we call home.

F is for Farm

Why do preschoolers love farms and farm animals? I have no idea, but they do! We took this natural interest and formed an exciting theme based on farms and farm animals that your preschoolers are going to love!

G is for Groundhog

G is for Groundhog will bring the week of Groundhog Day to life! Not only will your students learn about Groundhogs and Groundhog Day, but they will also learn all about shadows with a ton of fun activities, games, crafts, and more!

H is for Helping Our Community

H is for Helping Our Community is always a hit with preschoolers! During this week your students will learn all about community helpers. This theme works great in October for Fire Safety Month. There are a lot of fire safety activities included in this pack.

I is for Insects

Do you know any preschoolers that don't like bugs? Me neither! I is for Insects is a must have theme for every preschool class! In this theme your preschoolers will get to learn about several different types of our favorite bugs. They will even learn about butterfly life cycle.

J is for Jellybean

J is for Jellybeans is all about Easter! We will discuss Jesus and the Resurrection of course, BUT we will also do a lot of activities with Jellybeans, Easter Eggs and maybe even a certain special Bunny. There are more than enough activities for your preschool class no matter your beliefs.

K is for Kingdom

Preschoolers love princess, knights, and of course dragons! We took this natural interest in fantasy and created an entire week long theme! There is a lot of imagination in the games and activities you will do during this week! It's sure to be a hit!

L is for Leaves

L is for Leaves may not sound exciting, but your kids are going to be obsessed with leaves when this week is over! Learn all about leaves, collect them, sort them, print them... Why do they change colors? Why do they fall off? Find out with this set of plans!

M is for Music

Warning: Your classroom is going to be loud this week! There will be music playing, kids singing and a lot of dancing and laughter! Don't miss this fun week to teach your preschools about music, rhythm and dance! Make a joyful noise!

N is for Nutrition

N is for Nutrition is a fun way to teach your students how to eat healthy and get plenty of exercise! Learn all about fruits and vegetables! Why are they good for us? Which ones do we like most? Why can't we eat cake for breakfast? Your students will be little health nuts after a week of fun nutrition lesson! Your parents will love you when their kid asks for more peas at dinner!

O is for Ocean

O is for Oceans is a top seller for a reason... Preschool kids love the ocean and its animals! Learn all about ocean animals and plants... Your kids will even get to learn about fresh and salt water. It's always a memorable week!

P is for Pumpkins

P is for Pumpkins is a top selling themed unit! Your kids will love this theme! It is great for fall, especially around Halloween! Learn all about Pumpkins... inside and out! Nothing scary, just good old pumpkin fun!

Q is for Quilts (a western theme)

Q is for Quilts and Western is a hit with preschoolers because they just love cowboys, cowgirls, and horses! Sing some trail song, eat some trail mix, sew a quilt (yep, for real)! This theme is a hit every year! Giddy-up and get this fun set today!

R is for Rainforest

The rainforest is packed with exciting plants and animals! Your kids will fall in love with red eyed tree frogs (my personal favorite), macaws and many other exciting rainforest animals as they learn about this amazing and mysterious environment!

S is for Space

S is for Space is an absolute hit every year! In fact, it is normally voted the favorite week of the year by my past preschool classes! Your kids will love learning all about the planets and stars and are going to love you on the last day when you turn off all the lights for Glow Day (tons of glow day ideas included)!

U is for Umbrella (weather)

U is for Umbrella isn't all about rain! Your preschoolers will love learning all about many different kinds of weather this week. Hot, cold, rain, cloud types, tornadoes... they will learn it all and think they are weather experts by the time this fun week is over!

T is for Transportation

T is for Transportation is another to be a top seller! Learn about cars, trucks, trains, airplane, helicopters, parachutes, hot air balloons, and more! Who says you can't fly paper airplanes in the classroom?!?! You can this week!

V is for Valentine

V is for Valentine is more than just pink and hearts (though those are included) and not just for girls. Your preschoolers will learn all about loving each other. Taking care of and thinking of others is a reoccurring theme in this pack. Yes, there are hearts, flowers, pink and more included as well!

X is for X-Ray

X is for X-Ray is a top seller for obvious reasons! It is soooooo hard to find activities for the letter X!!! This pack took three years to finish, but turned out awesome! It even works great with Dental Health Month!

W is for Winter

W is for Winter is a great theme to use right before or after winter break! Learn all about snow and cold. Have an indoor snowball fight in your classroom (directions included), play in fake snow that is really super cold, and so much more!

Y is for Yucky Science

Y is for Yucky Science is a blast for the students and us teachers! Spend a whole week doing mini experiments and making huge messes together! (Don't worry, they clean up easily.) The best part is that you already have the majority of the supplies in your kitchen right now!

Z is for Zoo

Z is for Zoo is a great pack to get your kids imaginations going strong. Your preschoolers will love playing zoo, pretending to be their favorite animals, learning about many different types of wild animals, and more.

Welcome to School

Welcome to School is a great way to start off the school year with your new group of kids. Your students will get to know their new friends, their classroom, and you with this fun week full of activities designed just for that purpose!

All About Me

All About Me is a great way to teach your students all about themselves. We use it the second week of school. They will learn about their 5 senses as well as their full names, addresses, phone numbers, and other personal information. This is another great theme for the beginning of the school year as everyone is getting to know each other!


This theme is designed to be used the week of and/or before Thanksgiving (depending on how your schedule falls). It is designed to be used in 7 school days (the week before and Monday & Tuesday the week of Thanksgiving), but could easily be stretched for the full 2 weeks if you need them to. Let's learn to be thankful!

St. Patrick's Day

Shaun the Leprechaun is a sneaky little guy that loves to play tricks on your preschoolers (ideas included)! He might just teach them a lesson or two along the way too. This is another memorable week and another all time favorite with my preschoolers each year.


Let's Go Camping is a fun theme where your preschoolers are going to get a feel for what camping is all about. We make s'mores, sit around pretend camp fires, play in real tents, and much more!

Summer Fun

Summer fun is an exciting theme that teaches your preschooler to really embrace all that summer has to offer! We do a bunch of water play activities, ice cream themed activities, and more!


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