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Grab a few freebies. After you fall in love with our freebies, take a look at our store!

Try Some Freebies Before You Buy...

A is for Apples

We provide this whole A is for Apples Themed Unit for free because we believe that once you use it you will want the whole pack! We have created a whole year's worth of Themed Lesson Plan Packs to make your life easier... But before you buy one, check out this freebie.


A is for Apples contains a week's worth of activities, art projects, games, and recipes. You will also get printables including an early emergent reader, word wall cards, a printable journal, and more.


A is for Apples is one of our smaller themes, but contains all of the same great pieces that you will love about edlah curriculum. 


If you love this theme get another freebie by signing up for our mailing list. Once you realize how much time we have saved you, check out our other themes in our TeachersPayTeachers Store


No more spending your weekends creating lesson plans! We've got you covered. 

Super Secret Suprise Theme

Join our mailing list and get more fun freebies... including another free week's worth of lesson plans, activities and printables emailed right to your inbox! (Please allow 24 hours for delivery.) 


I can't tell you what the theme is, but I'll give you a hint... It will come in handy for the first week of March. 

Newsletter Template

We carry over 100 different Editable Newsletter Templates! Often people ask to try one before they buy it. We now offer this St. Patrick's Day Themed Newsletter Template as an example of what we offer. Download it now, fall in love with it, then come back to browse our other 100+ templates to find exactly what you need for your classroom. 

Please note: These are WORD documents. Design elements such as images and boxes cannot be moved, but all text is editable. 

Blank Lesson Template

I often get asked if I carry a free lesson plan template. I do! This template is a free PDF (Meaning you print and write on it. It can't be digitally edited). 


It works well for quick lesson notes that you have to turn in to your preschool directors...Which is why I first created it for myself.





I also carry a set of the same template with cute little graphics for each of my themes. You know me, I can't turn in something without some cuteness.  The ones with images do have a small cost, but I tried to keep it reasonable. 

My Day Teacher Log

Teachers tend to wear a lot of different hats during the day. It is my hope that this planning sheet will help you stay focused and get everything finished that you need to get done each day.


GET IT FREE, or go to my TpT store and buy it if you prefer. Your call. I recommend getting it for free. 

Walk, Count & Tally

As a teacher, I find myself wanting to make everything a learning experience. A while back I was out taking a walk with my own kids and found that we were finding simple things and counting them. How many yellow cars can we find, how many cats did we see, etc. 


We had recently been talking about tally marks so it made sense to make a little sheet for us to keep track of the different things we saw on our walks. It gave us a fun, simple task to do while getting some exercise. 


I carry a bunch of these simple little printable sheets. Some are designed to be done outside in the nice weather and some are designed to be done inside when the weather isn't so nice. 

For younger kids do one sheet together. For older kids give them each a sheet and see if their tallies add up at the end of your walk. 

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