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Interactive notebooks More Coming soon

Interactive notebooks are a fun way for your kids to collect what they have learned each week. It’s a neat collection of interactive activities that they build on each week. I love to give the completed notebook to them at the end of the school year as a reminder of all of the things they have learned that year, but I know other teachers that send each set home at the end of each week or month. They are pretty flexible and will work well no matter how you decide to use them. (They can also work as independent worksheets if you want to skip the notebook idea all together, not recommended). 


Each interactive notebook download contains 5 or more activities. They are intended to do one per day for a week, but you can absolutely mix up the order or do multiple sheets on a day if that fits your needs better. They each match the week’s theme, but can be used in any order. 

36 themed Interactive Notebooks (more coming soon)

Interactive Notebooks are an add-on resource that coordinate beautifully with all 36 of my themed preschool units, but will also work great individually or as an add on resource to your already existing units. 

This is a brand new project I am just starting. Keep an eye out for more Interactive Notebooks coming soon!


Try out the Apple themed Interactive Notebook for FREE

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