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J is for Jellybeans

J is for Jellybeans is all about Easter! 


We will discuss Jesus and the Resurrection of course, BUT we will also do a lot of activities with Jellybeans, Easter Eggs, and even a certain special Bunny.  


There are more than enough activities for your preschool class no matter your beliefs.

Click the images to see more details and a link to purchase/download.

See how the themes fit together in the Theme Snapshot


PNG image-CDDF7FC13BE3-1.png

Included in the Themed Unit:

These resources are included in the Themed Unit, but can also be purchased individually if you don't need the whole themed unit. 

The themed unit also includes daily lesson plans, additional sensory ideas, recipes, games, etc. Below are just the printable pieces from the themed unit. Use the chat feature on this website if you have any questions. 

Sold Separately Add-On Pieces: 

These resources are sold separately but coordinate beautifully with the themed unit above. These resources are sold separately to keep the price of the above unit as cheap as possible for those that don't need these pieces. Let me know if you have any questions.