How To Make Money in Your Free Time...

Free Time:

The imaginary time that you think you have, but don't... Or at least that is what people will tell you.


The truth is, we all have some free time. As a teacher and/or a parent, your free time may be extremely limited. I get it. My free time is limited too, but I still manage to find a bit of time to work on my website and my store.


Some weeks (usually in the summer) I can pump out a full unit in a week. Other weeks, I don't create anything. That's okay. Once a product is created and posted it will earn you a steady stream of income (even if it is just a quarter at a time).


The moral of the story is that even though it may take you years to make a noticeable amount of income, eventually it will happen if you keep working a little at a time... and I would love to help you get to that point.


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