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Newsletter Templates

You Can Edit:
  • The Title
  • Text in Text Boxes
  • Headings
  • Date 
boxes and graphics do not move.

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Preschool Lesson Plans, Resources Curriculum

This is just one example of our top selling newsletter templates. Newsletter Templates can be purchased individually in our Teachers Pay Teachers Store or as part of a discounted pack


All of the newsletters have separate editable text boxes as well as an editable heading box with a space for the date (graphic elements cannot be moved).

These newsletters are great

for preschool or elementary school. 


Editable newsletter templates for preschool
Scroll through a few of our favorites!
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Since some teachers choose a theme for the entire school year, newsletters can also be purchased individually at our TeachersPayTeachers Store. Click the appropriate link above or browse our packs below to find exactly what you need. 

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Please Note: 
All text can be edited on all newsletter templates. However, graphic elements cannot be changed (backgrounds, graphic images, box arrangement, etc.) If you have questions please ask before purchasing.