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5 Vital Things We Teach With Sensory

Sensory doesn't have to be difficult.

Many people are afraid of doing a sensory tub. They worry that they will not be able to come up with enough ideas for the year. They worry it will cost to much. They worry the kids will not like what they put in it. Sometimes they worry that it is a waist of time.

Sensory is a vital part of any good preschool curriculum.

Each week I change my curriculum theme. My sensory tub is changed at least once a week and sometimes more. Sensory teachers a lot more than just senses as implied by its name.

5 Vital Things We Teach in Sensory:

  1. Use Our Senses-Use those senses of touch and sight when playing in the sensory tub. Sometimes they can also use the sense of hearing and smelling with many sensory tub ideas as well.

  2. Fine Motor-Strengthen those little fingers with lots of pinching, grasping, pulling, cutting, tearing, etc.

  3. Social Skills-Even your most shy kiddos will enjoy working with a buddy in sensory. Your kiddos will learn to share, take turns, cooperate, carry on a conversation and use their imagination.

  4. Experiences-Most of the things I put in my sensory tub are things that their moms and dads aren't likely to have in their house. We make a mess. Sometimes free play messes are the best way to learn.

  5. Clean Up-Who cleans the messes in your class? Unless it is a biohazard mess, your kids should be doing most of the cleaning. Cleaning up after themselves is a vital skill that many kids today don't have. Encourage your kiddos to clean their own mess. It isn't going to be perfect, don't expect it to be. Expect them to do the best they can. Later, after you kiddo has moved on, you can clean it to your specifications.

Switch out your sensory tub often. If you notice your kids aren't playing in it anymore, it's time to switch it.

The sensory tub shown in the picture is one that I do every fall. Kids love to go on nature walks and pick up special leaves, pine cones, rocks, etc. Normally we tell them to leave nature outside, but with this sensory tub I let them bring everything inside and fill up our tub. They play with it all week and love watching as their bright fresh leaves start to dry out and crumble. It's easy. I literally does not cost a penny. They learn about nature. It's something they can't do at home. Do it! It's easy!

Sensory doesn't have to be scary. You can literally put anything in the tub. Once you start you will fall in love with sensory!

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