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Glow Beads

We love Glow Day in our class!

One of the biggest hits this year was the 'Glow Bead Marble Run'. These glowing beads look amazing going down the marble run!

This is one of the many glow-in-the-dark ideas included in our 'S is for Space' themed Lesson Plan pack.

Here is how easy it is:

  1. Buy a few packs of clear water-beads (floral department... buy the dry ones)

  2. Buy a florescent yellow highlighter (florescent, not just yellow)

  3. Buy or borrow a blacklight and a marble run

  4. Pull the tip out of the highlighter.

  5. Throw the tip and the clear water-beads into a bucket of water.

  6. Wait the recommended amount of time on the water-bead package.

  7. Turn on your blacklight.

  8. Have fun!

As the water-beads absorb the water they also absorb the ink from the highlighter which glows under a blacklight.

This will leave highlighter on their hands which will look crazy under the blacklight, but once you turn the classroom lights back on you won't even be able to see it. I do encourage you to have some paint shirts available just in case.

Check out our other fun space themed ideas in 'S is for Space', a week long set of lesson plans.


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