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Glow Chain

Dark spots on Glow Day drive me crazy!

I love Glow Day. It's a blast for the kids and for me, but I cannot stand to have dark places in my room.

Melinda Myers came up with a brilliant idea when she did a Glow-in-the-Dark Birthday Party for her little boy's 5th Birthday Party.

She bought a package of patterned florescent scrapbook paper. She made a classic paper-chain out of it and put it all over the ceiling and in any dark corners she had.

Brilliant, right? It did the trick! No more dark spots in my room on Glow Day!

Buy some florescent paper, cut some strips and have your preschoolers help you make a glowing chain! It's great fine motor practice! You could even make it more educational by having them make patterns.

Find this and more fun Glow-in-the-Dark ideas in our 'S is for Space' themed lesson plan pack.

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