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Indoor Snowball Fight

Snowball fights are a blast, but super cold.

On Christmas Eve this year my wonderful sister-in-law created a ton of fun yarn 'snowballs'. We had a blast pelting each other with these little soft snowballs!

I thought, why not bring these to school? Today we had a snowball fight at school! My preschoolers had a blast. They haven't been that winded and sweaty in a long time. They only stopped because we ran out of time and had to go home.

We even wondered around the school and threw snowballs at random un-expecting teachers. Talk about fun! We will be doing this again tomorrow, maybe the next day... and maybe all next week! We might just have to save these for indoor recess.

To learn how to make your own snowballs and to see many more fun winter themed ideas check out our two week 'W is for Winter' themed lesson plan set.

Don't forget to wear your running shoes!

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