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Brush the Giant's Teeth

It’s Children’s Dental Health Month!

Did you forget? That’s okay. It’s not to late.

You need a quick and easy idea that the kids will love... and I have just the thing!

You will need:

-several empty plastic pop bottles (I used 2 litter, but small works just as well)

-plaster of paris (available in craft stores)

-cheap toothbrushes (a local dentist may donate them if you ask)

-shaving cream (it will be our toothpaste)

Creating Plaster Teeth:

-To make plaster teeth just cut the bottom 5 inches off of a clean and empty plastic pop bottle.

-Mix up your plaster of paris up and pour 2-3 inches of it into the bottom of the bottle.

-Allow it to dry and harden fully.

-Pop out the dried plaster and flip it upside down it will look like a huge molar.(You can make smaller incisor teeth by pouring plaster into an egg carton).

Toothbrushing Center:

-Give each student a huge plaster tooth, a real toothbrush and a squirt of shaving cream.

-Show them how to use the ‘giant toothpaste’ to brush the ‘giant tooth’.

-Be sure to review that they need to brush all the way around the tooth as well as on top.

-Let your preschoolers brush away!

Your preschoolers are going to have a blast brushing these giant teeth! Be sure to buy a lot of shaving cream, you’re going to need it!

For more fun Dental Health ideas and activities, check out our 'X is for X-Ray' themed products including a full weeks worth of lesson plans for the letter Xx.

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