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Ocean Sensory Sensory Success

Preschoolers are enchanted by the ocean!

There is just something mysterious and wonderful about it.

It’s unimaginably huge! It has so many different life forms in it that vary in size from tiny plankton to the gigantic whales that eat them. What's not to be enchanted with?

This week my class is just beginning our ‘O is for Oceans’ theme. It’s always a ton of fun! One of the most popular things we do during the ‘O is for Oceans’ theme is our ocean sensory tub.

Ocean Sensory in 6 easy steps:

1. Fill your sensory tub about half full with water.

2. Add gravel (sand makes your water mirky).

3. Add a variety of different sizes and shapes of sea shells.

4. Drape a piece of an old fishing net over the side.

5. Add a few small plastic sea creatures. This year I added tiny plastic crabs.

6. Add some sea sponges (always a huge hit)

Bonus: If you have one, add a starfish (take it out to dry each night or it will become very fragile and fall apart).

Your preschoolers are going to love playing with their own little piece of the ocean.

Everything I use in my sensory tub is real except for the crabs. I do have a hermit crab in my classroom, but please note that they cannot breath underwater. Please do not put your classroom pet in this sensory tub of water.

For more great Ocean themed ideas, activities, printables and even lesson plans check out my TeachersPayTeachers Store.

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