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Scrunch Rainbow Art

If you take much time looking at our edlah curriculum you will notice that we don’t teach the letters in order. Though our order may seem random, it’s really not.

This art project is a great example of why we choose to teach certain themes next to each other.

A few weeks ago we taught N is for Nutrition and discussed eating the rainbow (eating foods of different colors). Then we had our St. Patrick’s Day theme and of course there were a lot of rainbows and pots of gold that week. Next we are starting our U is for Umbrella (weather) theme. You can’t have a good weather theme without a fun rainbow, right? These three sets of plans were placed together so that we could discuss the rainbow and rainbow order for three weeks straight.

You may notice that a handful of the themes move around from year to year. As much as I love our J is for Jellybeans Easter theme, it drives me crazy each year because Easter moves around so much! When it moves, so do other themes to make room for it. You may notice that we always teach ellipse/oval during Easter. It’s just to easy to make Easter eggs that are oval shaped. Be sure to check our Curriculum Snap Shot each year to see how we moved things around, it will save you a lot of time!

Rainbow Art Poject

As for this adorable art project.... You will be happy to know it is really easy.

It will take your kids a few days to do so make sure you schedule in plenty of time.

You will need:

Tissue Paper (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) in one inch squares

White construction paper or card stock

Markers (rainbow colors)

White glue

I cut out the rainbow shape from a piece of white construction paper or card stock. Then I take the rainbow colored markers and draw guidelines for the kids to follow. It’s as easy as making a stripe of each color on your cutout. Don’t worry about making them perfect, they are just guidelines.

Then I have a few kiddos at a time come over to the art table. First have them write their name on the back, you won’t be able to do it later when the glue is wet.

I show them how to draw a careful line of glue (a great fine motor challenge) on the top red stripe. I then show them how to crinkle the tissue paper and stick it to the line of glue.

We only do one line at a time (older kids could probably do more). Have them only to the red line the first day. On the second day have them do the orange and the yellow and so on. They will get much faster with each color as they figure out the best technique and as the stripes get smaller.

These make a beautiful bulletin board! Have fun!

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