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DIY X-Rays

Preschoolers love looking at X-Rays, but donated ones can be so graphic and purchased ones cost a small fortune!

Last year I had a wonderful idea!

I made my own X-Rays!!!

It’s actually super easy!

Here's How:

1. All you do is print off some X-Ray pictures you find on Google (I’d love to give you the files, but copyright laws don’t allow that).

2. Take those pictures and copy them onto an overhead projector transparency.

3. Cut them out and laminate them to make them stronger. It’s seriously that easy!

Then all you need is some kind of light table or a bright window to look at them.

Light Table Ideas:

You can buy used light tables or X-Ray view boxes like hospitals use on eBay for as little as $12. You can also make your own temporary light table by spray painting the clear top of a disposable cake pan with a frost spray paint (or really lightly with white). Put a battery operated light or even Christmas lights inside the cake pan and attach the lid.


Have fun with your X-Rays and light table! Your kids are going to love it!

Find more fun X-Ray ideas in ‘X is for X-Ray’ a fun interactive lesson plan pack from edlah.com.

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