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Who Wants To Make An Egg Transparent?

What is a transparent egg you ask?

Exactly what it sounds like. It's an egg you can see though. To a preschooler that is magic!

Your preschoolers are going to be amazed that you can make an egg see through! You are going to be amazed at how easy it is!

You will need:

A clear container with lid that seals tight

A raw egg

Enough vinegar to cover the egg

Place your raw egg in the container. Cover the egg with vinegar. Secure the lid tightly. Trust me, you don’t want this one to open up! Several times a day swish (yes that is the technical term) the vinegar around in the container.

The vinegar will eat away at the shell of the egg. After 24-36 hours the shell will be gone and the egg will be held together by only the egg membrane.

These eggs feel really cool! Hold the egg and let your preschoolers feel it. Ask them to describe what it feels like. Hold it up to a window so they can see the yoke inside.

The membrane is stronger than you will expect, but you should still be careful, it is still a raw egg and can ‘pop’ if poked to hard (Which I have never had happen, but sounds unimaginably nasty to me!)

Have fun blowing your kids minds! Find more fun Preschool science ideas in ‘Y is for Yucky Science’ and more Easter ideas check out J is for Jellybeans, fun interactive lesson plan packs from edlah.com.

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