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Ant Survey

Kids naturally love ants. I don’t know what it is about ants they love so much, but they do.

Take advantage of this love for ants and do a science experiment. Don't worry, the ants don't mind.

You will need:

2 paper plates



Food coloring (optional)

Have your preschoolers pour a small pile of salt on one plate and a small pile of sugar on the other plate. Take them outside (away from your building). Set them in some grass somewhere where the ants will find them.

Go inside and predict which one the ants will like best. You could even let your preschooler(s) taste the sugar and salt to see which one they prefer.

Graph your predictions. Go back outside every hour or so and check on the plates.

Which plate did they like best? Why? What happens if you switch the plates around? Are the ants fooled?

For a little additonal fun, try disolving them in a bit of water and add food coloring. You will be able to see the color on the ants as they drink up the water. It will blow your preschoolers little minds!

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