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Why Your Child Needs Early Emergent Readers

The first step in learning to read is getting excited and building confidence around reading.

At edlah we strive to create Early Emergent Readers that will get your child excited about reading from day one. Each page has a simple sentence that varies by only one or two words as they turn the page. The new word is simple to figure out using the simple and clear pictures.

Our goal is to build confidence in reading while teaching simple pre-reading and early reading skills such as turning pages, tracking words and using pictures clues. Sentences in the 'T is for Transportation' book include, "He went in a car." "She went in a train."

This each book comes as part of the cordinating themed unit, but is also sold separately for only a dollar. Make as many copies as you want for your own child or classroom. Additional licenses can be purchased at a major discount for multiple classroom use.

We hope that you love teaching your child to read using these simple and effective little printable books! As always, if you don't see the theme you need, feel free to request a theme. We will do our best to provide you with a high quality and engaging reader to fit your needs.

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