• Melissa

Sometimes You Just Need a Fabulous Headshot!

I realized a while back that I didn’t have a decent headshot of myself (selfies don't count). My best one was from years and years and years ago. To be honest, I really hate having my picture taken. That's probably why I haven't bothered to get an updated picture of my family for about 3 years now and why my last decent headshot was from college! I know, I know, major mom fail!

But a few weeks ago my church, that I also work for, was updating their webpage with new staff photos so I had to get a picture taken anyway. My fabulous friend and boss lady Shana was the photographer. As always, she went above and beyond the simple job of just one photo for the staff webpage and gave me a bunch of amazing new headshots! And... It only took her a few minutes to capture a bunch of awesome shots.

If you live in the Kansas City area and need a photographer for headshots, your wedding, etc. I recommend my dear friend Shana from W the Studio. She is an amazing photographer, super quick, reasonably priced and just plain fun… Aren't her pictures fabulous?

And yes, I have a purple under layer in my hair... because purple is also fabulous!

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