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I Love to Label!

If you are a teacher, chances are high that you like to label things. I know I am addicted. I tend to drive my husband crazy labeling things at home, but in the classroom I can label absolutely everything...and I do!

I created this set of labels for my own classroom, but would love to share them with you! Over the past year I have added many additional labels per request.

I created these super cute 4.8 inch square labels with several different boarder options.

My most popular set so far has been the set with the Purple boarder. Apparently I'm not the only person that loves purple out there! (Click the images for more details)

Some of the feedback I received was asking for several color options. The next set I made was my Gray Poke-a-Dot set per request. (Click the images for more details)

Then I had a guy teacher write in and say he loved my label sets, but wanted something a little less girly. He requested blue labels, so I gladly made him some blue labels. (Click the images for more details)

At this point I felt like I had made a little something for everyone...Then I received one last request for a chalkboard themed set. Even though I had decided to not make any more color variations, I just had to do this one! How cute are these? (Click the images for more details)

Today I am working on some updates for the new school year! Though all of the images above say they include 57 images, there may be more in each set depending on when you are reading this.

Which is your favorite set? What do you label in your classroom?

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