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It's always fun to get a glimpse behind the scenes. So here is peek into my world today...

Today I am working from my favorite little coffeehouse drinking my favorite drink called A Blonde Cow and working on a complete redesign of my All About Mom Printable Booklet.

After 2 hours of work this is what I have come up with:

What do you think? I'm super excited about how this turned out!!!! This is keepsake quality! I think I will print them on card stock and maybe laminate the covers?

I've carried the old outdated version of this booklet for years. It has always sold well, but it is starting to look dated. I'm having way to much fun with this update! I have a feeling this new one is going to be a hit!

It use to have blanks to fill in, but for the update I added a bunch of new graphics to write in or draw in. I think it makes it more engaging.

Typically as I work on a product, rather new or an update, it sparks a ton of ideas. Today while I was working I started thinking, "Why don't I carry an All About My Dad Booklet" too? I'm not sure why I haven't thought of that before.

Soooooo this is what I came up with for Father's Day:

It is complementary to the Mother's Day Booklet so it will coordinate well for those parents that want to keep them as a keepsake. I thought it would be fun to ask the same types of questions in both books. Since Mother's Day and Father's Day fall about a month apart, I thought it would be fun to do a similar activity again.

What are your thoughts on celebrating Mother's and Father's Day? With so many broken homes now days I always go back and forth with rather we should make a gift or not. Typically, I choose to still make something with my kids. If a kiddo doesn't have a mom or a dad I encourage them to give it to someone in their life that fills that role for them (typically it ends up being a step parent or a grandparent) What are your thoughts?

Thanks for taking a peek into what my world today! See you again soon!

Melissa from edlah.com

*If you go all out for Mother's Day and Father's Day, you may also enjoy this fun Editable Mother's Day and Father's Day Newsletter Templates:

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