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Making Money In Your Free Time: Adding A Link to Your Product Description

Last time we talked about adding a high quality freebie to your store and why it is sooooo important to the success of your store. Today we are going to talk about linking products in your TpT product descriptions.

What is a Product Link:

A product link is a quick and easy way for you to tell your buyer about other great products that you carry in your store.

Why Are Product Links Important:

Product links help you naturally introduce more products to your buyers. If you do it right, more exposure to more products should mean more sales. People love seeing other coordinating products or other product choices. This helps your buyer know that they have seen all that you offer and that they are making a great choice on what they are buying.

What Should I Link:

When deciding what to link always think about what other products naturally go with this product. For example: If I am writing a product description for a newsletter template it is a logical choice that I would link other newsletter templates (or bundles) and if the template happens to match one of my themed units it would make since to link to that as well. The idea is to tell your buyer about other similar and/or complementary products or resources that you carry. Think about your product. If you were the buyer, what else would you be interested in seeing?

Be sure that anything you link makes since. I wouldn't want to link my newsletter template to a progress report bundle. If links are relevant people will start ignoring them. Be very intentional about what you link and try to limit yourself to just a few links if possible.

How Do I Add A Product Link:

If possible, try to work your product links into your product description naturally. Hyperlink a key word(s) in your description. Making a list of products is okay, sometime I do that as well, but honestly most people are less likely to read them in a list as opposed to embedded links in the content of your description.

You can easily set up a link to any of your product pages. You can even link to Custom Categories (which is what we will talk about next week).

Linking looks intimidating, but it really isn't. Follow me step by step and I'll walk you through a simple way to enter linking code.

Start by editing your product description. You can do that a few different ways, but the easiest way is to just click on it and open it's TpT store page and clicking the green 'edit' button on the right:

Scroll down to the 'Add Description' box:

Do you see that code at the top of the description box? That is the code I used to get the link on my product page that says "SEE ALL OUR LESSON PLAN PACKS HERE" (see next screenshot).

I know, I know... It looks scary and long and complicated and way to hard!

It isn't.

The secret to adding a hyperlink to your product description is this simple code:

<a href="insert url here">insert product name here</a>

Don't worry about what it means, just know that it does work. You might want to write it down somewhere.

The only part that you will change are the parts in blue and green. You will need the exact url (web address) for the product you are linking to and a name for your product. Type everything else exactly the way it is written above and you will have a perfect coded link for your description.

Let's look at that code from above again, but this time I will turn the url address and the product names colors to match the code above.

<a href="https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Melissa-Schaper/Search:lesson+plans/Search:themed+lesson+plans/Search:themed+lesson+plans+%28one+week%29/Search:themed%20lesson%20plans%20(one%20week)">SEE ALL OUR LESSON PLAN PACKS HERE</a>

For the Product Name, just enter the exact name that your product has on TpT. Whatever you write in the product name place will be the words that will appear in your description. You won't see any of the rest of that mess.

For the url, just open another tab on your browser, find the product page you are linking to, copy the link in the bar at the top of your page, go back to your description and paste the url you copied between the quotation marks.

It is really that easy.

Scroll to the bottom and click the red submit button. TpT will take you back to your product page and you should see your link in your description. The rest of your description will be black and your link will appear green. Click on your link to make sure that it works.

If your text isn't linked, still shows all of the coding and/or doesn't work... you probably missed something in the code. All the parts in black have to be exact in order to work. If this happens to you just go back in and try again.

This Weekends Homework:

1. Find 2 products that work well together.

2. Using the above directions, edit the descriptions so that they link to each other.

3. Always try to have at least one linked product in every description.



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