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Making Money In Your Free Time: Why I Don't Have Ads On My Website

Welcome back! I hope you had a FABULOUS Easter last week!

Last time we talked about linking products in your TpT product descriptions. Today we are going to talk about ads and why edlah.com doesn't have them. Eventually I will teach you how to create your own website, but for now lets talk about some basics.

Ads and Popups Annoy Your Site Visitors:

If you are anything like me, you get super annoyed with ads and popups when you visit a website. Because I hate these ads and popups soooooooooo much, I refuse to use them on my website. In fact, I don't return to websites if their popups and/or ads annoy me to much.

A Time and Place for Ads:

There are many marketing experts that would disagree with me. A lot of people that manage small websites and blogs believe that ads and popups are the best way to make money on a website. I disagree. If your products are great you will make money with them. I see no need for popups and random ads.

In the past, popups were considered an eye catching way to get your site visitors to sign up for a mailing list or promote your latest product, but times have changed and most people find them over used and annoying now. With so many people using mobile devices, ads take up valuable space on their small screens and a lot of popups can't be closed from a mobile device meaning your readers won't be able to read your content.

Why Ads Can Hurt You:

Depending on the ads you choose, you may be sending your readers to buy from someone else. There are a bunch of different ways to add ads to your website, but many of them don't allow you to filter what is advertised on them (who knows what they will try to advertise on your site) and/or they will try to advertise similar products to what you sell... which could cost you.

Most of these ads will only pay pennies for clicks. Clicks that take people away from your website. I haven't found them to be worth the hassle to my readers.

What I Do Instead:

There is a place for advertising... advertising your own products... that link to your own website or your TpT store.

You absolutely should link your own product pictures to the product on your TpT store. You're goal should be to help people find what they are looking for on your website, but not send them off to someone else's competing products.

Being an affiliate could be another great way to make extra money on the side without competing with your own products or annoying your site visitors. I'm currently looking into becoming an Amazon affiliate. My thought is that I could link to products that I love and maybe make a little side money as well. I'll keep you posted on how that goes in a future post! :)

This Weekends Homework:

1. If you already have a website or blog, consider linking your product images to your TpT store.

2. If you don't already have a website, begin to think about how you will link your products in the future.

3. If you don't want to have a website, continue to link your TpT products to each other (see previous post).



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