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Straw Cutting Sensory

Many of our kiddos start preschool without having used scissors yet. Many start not knowing how to use scissors but having weak little hands that struggle to control their cuts.

Are you looking for an easy way strengthen those little hands?

Cutting straws is a super fun way to build those little hand muscles at the beginning of the year! They will be building up the muscles in their hands without even knowing it!

Dump a box or two of cheap straws into your sensory tub along with several pairs of scissors. I've found that 2-3 kids are about the max for this center. Show your kiddos how to use the scissors to cut the straws anyway they want to. The straws make a really cool rainstick sound when they are cut up! I love the sound!

After a few days, your sensory tub will be filled with tiny little straw pieces. Add some lengths of yarn and show the kids how to string the straw pieces onto the yarn like beads. This is great fine motor practice!

This is one of my favorite beginning of the year centers! I love that they get to practice two different fine motor skills without even knowing it! Find this idea and more in my Welcome to School Themed Unit.

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