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Color vs. Black & White vs. Grayscale

To see me lose my mind do this:

1. Print a colored document

2. Make a black & white copy of that document on a copy machine

3. For extra points: Make a copy of a copy from an earlier copy that you made years before.

AHHHH!!!! Friends! Please don't do this! This makes you look like an amateur. I want you to look like a pro!

Pro Tip!!!

Every time you make a copy of a document you are degrading the quality of the image. Sometimes we have to make copies of documents, but we don't have to make them awful. Keep reading to find out how your documents can stay professional looking.

If you know you're going to make colored copies and your printer and copier are the same machine...

Please don't print a copy and make copies of the copy. Just tell the machine how many copies you need and let it print them all for you. I've literally watched print to a machine, stand up and walk over to the same machine, take the sheet they just printed, put it back in the same machine and make additional copies. Why?!?!!?

First of all, that's a waste of time and energy. Second, your copies will look ten thousand times better if you just tell the printer that you want it to print 20 copies instead of printing 1 copy and making 19 additional copies manually.

But what if you don't want to waste ink and want it in black and white?

If you know you are going to be making black and white copies of an image that is colored, print your document in 'grayscale' rather than in color. The best way to make your document look awful is to make a black and white copy of a colored image.

Setting your printer settings to grayscale before you print will drastically improve your prints.

Why grayscale and not black and white?

Making a black & white copy of a colored image will greatly degrade the quality (have I said that before?). Printing in black and white literally only gives your images 2 colors, black and white. Printing in grayscale will give your images much better quality because your printer will use various shades of gray to represent the colors.

Did you just say, "What's wrong with making a copy of a copy from an earlier copy that you made years before?"

Every single time you make a copy your images will degrade (I can't say this enough times). If you must make copies for years to come, keep the original that you printed and make copies from it. That will best keep the integrity of the original document.

What's the best way to do it?

Store all of your documents on your computer or in a cloudbased system such as Google Drive or Dropbox. I prefer Dropbox. Then print what you need as need it. This will keep the images in tiptop shape making you look like the pro that you are.

Storing your documents digitally also keeps you from digging through years of files to find that one sheet you need. Your computer has a handy search bar and will find it for you in seconds. :)

Your prints can look professional, your room can be clutter-free, and you will be making the best use of your time and space by storing documents digitally in "the cloud".

Thank you for not being the person that makes a copy of a copy from an earlier copy that you made years before.

Much love sweet friends!



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