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We're Going On a Bear Hunt!

Obviously, we have to read the We're Going on a Bear Hunt book during our B is for Bears Themed Unit!

And obviously, we have to actually go on a bear hunt after we read the book.

And what fun is a bear hunt if there arent' tracks to follow?

One of the highlights of B is for Bears week is going on this little bear hunt! The kids first notice the bear tracks when they enter the classroom. We quickly read the book (or listen to the story on CD depending on the year).

Then we start off on our bear hunt by following the tracks!

Our bear hunt ends with us finding a cute teddy bear. This is Anthony Bear, named after one of my favorite students that gave it to me while he was going through a really tough time in his life.

The kids talk about this bear hunt for weeks! How do I make the bear tracks? It's extremely easy! Get the full set of directions in our B is for Bears Themed Unit.

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