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Sometimes Things Turn Out A Little Different Than You Had Imagined

Bahaha!!! Sometimes you have this adorable idea! You know it is going to be a huge hit and you can take a million pictures for your blog. You have high hopes. And then this happens!

The snowman playdoh center turned out hilarious! This is not at all what I thought would happen. I had envisioned cute little miniature snowmen sitting all over my tables.

Instead, I got these funny little-smashed snowmen instead.

The good news is that the kids had a blast making them! They got the fine motor practice I wanted them to get from rolling the dough, smashing the dough and picking up the extremely tiny decoration pieces that I left out for them to choose from. The objectives were all met and the skills were all practiced. It's totally okay that they came out looking a little different than I had imagined.

To make this fun snow playdoh, just add silver glitter to white playdoh. I ran out of the extremely fine glitter but will plan to use it next time.

They made me smile and had a blast making them. I suppose that means it was a success!

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