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Stuck at Home?

With Covid-19 sweeping the world, many of us are stuck at home. I want

my kids to be kids and have fun while they are socially distancing themselves. I didn't want them to spend all day, every day on screens.

When they first extended springbreak for a few more weeks I decided to add some structure to their daily lives. I created a schedule for them. I wanted them to still get up and get dressed every day. I wanted them to eat at set times instead of grazing all day, I wanted them to do something productive with their lives.... but I didn't want it to be only school work all day every day. Play is an important part of being a kid. Kids learn through play. I wanted to make sure there would be plenty of play time.

I created these cups full of ideds for them to pull from. Their schedule would tell them which cup to pull ideas from at different points in the day.

The first cup has a bunch of indoor and outdoor fun activities for them to do. These ideas range from play a game of Clue, to build a fort in the backyard, to ride your bike around the neighborhood, etc. Most of these ideas are meant to be done together if you have more than one kid, but will still work for only one kid.

The second cup is more educational and/or Bible themed. It's filled with ideas that are still fun, but encourage the kids to do something with their brains. It has ideas like climb a tree and read a book, play a math game on your ipad, read a Bible story and make a movie with your phone, etc. Sometimes they do these activities together. Sometimes they each pull an idea and do it on their own.

The third cup is filled with pretty easy indoor and outdoor chores. They range from typical things like do a load of dishes, to pick up sticks in the backyard, to spray down the driveway with a hose, to wash the car, etc. These are meant to keep them helping around the house doing something, but the chores are pretty short and sweet. My kids each pull their own chore to do.

The fourth cup we do after dinner. It is a bunch of family ideas. It has ideas like play a board game together, have a firepit, go for a family bikeride, play Pokemon Go (while still socailly distancing ourselves), etc.

We've been using these cups all week. They are making the days go by much smoother. Next week we will tweak the schedule to fit in their school work, but for this week of spring break all is going well!

If you would like to get these idea strips for your family you can download them in my TeachersPayTeachers store for free! Click here to get your FREE Stuck at Home Activity Ideas!

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