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R is for Rainforest


The rainforest is packed with exciting plants and animals!  Your kids will fall in love with red-eyed tree frogs (my favorite), macaws and many other exciting rainforest animals as they learn about this amazing and mysterious habitat! We'll even transform your classroom into an awesome rainforest for the week!

R is for Rainforest preschool curriculum and resources

Get Just the Piece You Need: 

If you are interested in purchasing several pieces, it is more economical to purchase the whole unit above. However, many of our customers have requested specific activities be sold separately (to be used as Kindergarten enrichment, special needs classrooms, ESL/ELL classrooms, etc). Many of these activities from the above-themed unit can be purchased individually in our TeachersPayTeachers store.


Please understand that the actual lesson plans and many other activities are only sold in the lesson plan pack above. 


***Newsletters, Circle Time Sheets and Bible Add-ons are always sold separately from the themed unit.***

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