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DIY Magnet Letters

January 26, 2014

Letter magnets can be used for letter practice, letter identification and of course spelling, 


There are a ton of different types of letter magnets out there...or you can just make some yourself. The ones pictured are a set I made for my kids at home. 


If you want to make a set like this here is what you need:

  • Clear decorative stones (floral department)

  • Super cute letter stickers or stamps

  • Scrapbooking paper

  • Craft glue that dries clear

  • ​Magnetic sheet


I did them one at a time. I stuck a letter sticker to the scrapbooking paper, dropped a glob of clear glue on top of the letter and then pressed the flat side of a clear stone on top of it. I let them dry for a day then cut them out and attached them to the magnetic sheet. 


They were pretty easy and the kids love spelling their names with them. 


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