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State Symbol Activities More coming soon

Every ​year the week of our state's birthday, we do a mini-unit about our state. It includes a lot of state-specific activities including a State Symbols Booklet. We learn all about our state's symbols. I live in Kansas so naturally, that was the state symbol book I made and sold in my TpT Store. It became wildly popular and I started receiving requests from teachers in other states that wanted State Symbol Books for their classrooms. I have started making state symbol books for many other states. I'll continue to add them as I get them done. I am so glad to be able to help you teach your students all about your state! 

Click the image below for more information about the product and to view the listing in my TpT store.

Traceable Books: 

  • Intended for younger kids and special needs classrooms

  • Large traceable words

  • Same great full-color pictures

Blank Lined Books:

  • Intended for primary aged kids and older special needs classrooms

  • Blank lines for fill in the blank answers

  • Same great full-color pictures


  • Great for ability scaling and inclusion 

  • Includes both a traceable version and a blank lined version

  • You're able to choose which kids get which level of book

  • Both books include the same great full-color pictures

Would you like to request a state? You're welcome to send requests to I'll add your request to my to-do list. Please keep in mind that your request will be filled in the order it is submitted. 

These booklets use realistic pictures in full-color. They will still print pretty well in grayscale if you're not able to print in color. Per teacher requests, these booklets have realistic images and are not coloring books. If you are looking for a coloring book, these will not work for you. 

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