Curriculum Scope and Sequence 


If you are planning to follow along and teach each theme with other edlah classrooms, you may find this chart helpful in your planning (For a clearer view, download the Scope and Sequence at the bottom of this page). The themes highlighted in green are considered to be date sensitive. I recommend teaching them the weeks shown. The other themed units can be taught at any time, you'll just need to change the number of the week to match the order you teach in. 


*Bible Add-Ons are NOT included in the Themed Units. After we finish all of the Bible Add-Ons in each bundle we will bundle them separately so they remain an optional add-on piece for those that want them without increasing the cost and file sizes for those that do not want them. For now, Bible Add-On Bundle One and Two are available, the rest will be sold individually as they release.




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