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VIrtual Preschool Classroom:

Virtual Classrooms work best on computers, tablets, or SmartBoards.

(Small phone screens only show a very small section of the room.)

This virtual preschool classroom is a fun way to expand on edlah themed units. While it will make the most sense to those that are using the weekly edlah curriculum, these virtual classrooms are available and free for everyone. Click on items in the picture for bonus videos, read-a-louds, and other resources that coordinate with this week's themed unit! The featured themed classroom will change each week and follow the edlah preschool scope and sequence

This week's virtual classroom coordinates with my D is for Dinosaur Themed Unit. Click the green button to see all of the coordinating lesson plans, printables, and other resources that you'll need to teach the full themed unit. Try it before you buy it by downloading the A is for Apples Themed Unit for FREE!

(Virtual Classrooms are not intended to take the place of an actual preschool curriculum and instruction. They are designed for added support and fun to support learning during the week.)

PNG image-7B4D616AA289-1.png

Visit Other Virtual Classrooms:

These classrooms work best on a computer, tablet, or SmartBoard.

Small phone screens will only show a small section of the room. 

Click the button below to see each week's virtual classroom. Seasonal classrooms (pink buttons) come and go regularly. Check back often!

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