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Word Wall Cards

Word Walls are an important part of any classroom with new readers. What are Word Walls good for? 

  • Make connections between words and their meaning.

  • Reading vocabulary words for your themed unit.

  • Spelling vocabulary words for your themed unit.

  • Support in your writing center to help kids spell as they write.

  • Build confidence in reading, writing, and spelling.

Click the image below for more information about the product and to view the listing in my TpT store.

Version #1: 

  • Included in Themed Units

  • Each card measures 5.33" x 3.6"

  • Prints 4 cards to a page

  • Choose between:

    • Full Color

    • Black & White

    • Both by buying the bundle

Version #2:

  • Each card measures 10" x 2.5"

  • Prints 3 cards to a page

  • Choose between

    • Full Color

    • Black & White

    • Both by buying the bundle.

  • These are new. I'm still making them. If you are looking for something specific just let me know and I'll move it up on my to-do list.

Please Note: 

Different sets contain different numbers of cards (as pictured). All sets have the same price no matter the number of cards included. Over the years I have added to some of the sets to make them much larger bigger. Once you buy a set, you will receive all future updates and additions to that set for free. 

Would you like to request a new word wall themed pack? You're welcome to send requests to I'll add your request to my to-do list. Please keep in mind that your request will be filled in the order it is submitted.

PNG image-4E7B9AA4FE7D-1_edited.png

Version 1 - Word Wall Cards

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